Bachelor Of Arts


Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts is one of the most sought after degrees offered at a multitude of colleges and universities, both locally and online. BA is a flexible 3 to 4 year degree that allows the student to study a broad range of subjects; usually, the student will specialize in two areas (major and minor). The major can be, for example, music; the minor can be, for example, biology, math, English, etc.

Typically it is required that 3/4 of the course is general education and 1/4 is the chosen area of study. The 4-year course may consist of 3 years on campus and 1 year of work of study (sometimes abroad). The course can also be full-time or part-time (usually takes about twice longer to complete). The course results in a diploma.

The degrees that can be pursued under the Bachelor of Arts degree are varied: liberal arts, social and humanities-focused sciences, political and cultural programs, etc. In specific, these include: English, history, biology, music, computers, and dozens of other areas of study.

The degree can be tailored to suit the student’s needs – you will get to choose many of the subjects that you wish to study; in some institutions, you will be able to choose from over a hundred of study areas. Usually, the course will require successful completion of a number of units of study (usually counted in credit points) in order to obtain a diploma. The details vary from one institution to another as well as they vary by country, such as USA, Australia, India, etc.

BA is a great degree for individual development, and development of one’s research and analytical skills. This degree offers a depth of disciplinary expertise combined with the breadth of vision. You can choose areas and disciplines to support your future career and your individual interests. The best colleges and universities always ensure that their BA degrees are modern and relevant, and create the ideal course for each student.

Bachelor of Arts is an undergraduate degree. The difference between BA and other Bachelor degrees is as follows: BA studies Arts subjects, BE (Bachelor of Education) studies teaching and BS (Bachelor of Science) studies science. A lot of people believe that BA is just the 1st step to further education. BA can provide a person with a strong background in the chosen field but less specialization than for example the Bachelor of Science.